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Sponsor a nonprofit organization:

Help a nonprofit organization be seen and heard by sponsoring a nonprofit of your choice in the Non-Profit Life Magazine. This is your chance to shine as a member of this incredible philanthropic community by giving others the opportunity to tell their story!


This is a great opportunity to allow nonprofit organizations share their story and give them the exposure needed by sponsoring one of your favorite nonprofit businesses in the Non-Profit Life Magazine.

Here’s how it works:

Any business can sponsor a nonprofit in the Non-Profit Life Magazine, in return the business sponsor would receive a two-page spread at our discounted charitable rate.


A full page is then dedicated to the business sponsor as there advertisement, and the second full page is dedicated to a sponsored nonprofit organization of your choice. With this two page spread, the business sponsor receives the marketing exposure in the Non-Profit Life Magazine as a supporting local business, and the nonprofit organization will get the well needed exposure and reach donors they otherwise may not have been able to.

Business Sponsor Inquires

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