A&D Designs Announces Their Emergency Awareness Essentials

This has truly been a testing time for all Americans as the COVID-19 epidemic spread throughout the United States. I believe we have all learned so much during this lock down and will eventually come out of this stronger than ever.

As a lot of us, I am extremely excited to see us starting to get back to work and back to some sort of normalcy. This is an historical time in our life and if there was any time in the United State we buy and shop local, this is that time.

It is so important that we support our local SMALL businesses in everything we do, from coffee breaks, eating out, clothing, accessories, to products and services. This is the most important thing we can all do right now, as this is the fastest way to recovery, is through small businesses.

Not only will this help local small business recover it will help them stay in business, and that is especially important right now.

As we start to open our doors again A&D Designs has developed their Emergency Awareness Essential products that will help local businesses with designed and printed products such as signage, banners, disposable menus, and much more. These products are priced at a 20% discount from our everyday prices and are set up as priority orders.

To view our emergency awareness essential products, please click here

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